Guven - Guven

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He’s been a Sugarfiend, he’s Wished He Could Be and now the self-titled album for the Melbourne producer ties up all the ends of trip hop with funk guitars and a laid back groove that’s nowhere near popular enough on the current dance market. With a keen focus on lyricism, Guven has drawn on many personal and some confronting experiences to piece together his debut album.

Released: 1999

  1. So Damn Easy 
  2. That's What I'm Missing 
  3. Wish I Could Be 
  4. Pretty Little Princess 
  5. What's My Sex 
  6. See The Light 
  7. Sugarfiend 
  8. Misunderstood 
  9. I Want To Fly 
  10. Meaning Of Life? 
  11. Drift Away

Type: CD


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