Icecream Hands - (Best Of) You Can Ride My Bike

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As a greatest hits package You Can Ride My Bike gives the listener a broad overview of the band, not only showcasing radio singles, but also the other gems they sought to leave their fans with by way of b-sides.

If you like good Australian indie pop, its worth checking out this greatest hits album, as Icecream Hands are a band that will be name checked by future generations of musicians.

Released: 2004

  1. Home 
  2. Supermarket Scene 
  3. Winter's Tune 
  4. Paper Bird 
  5. Olive 
  6. Here We Go 'Round Now 
  7. Dodgy 
  8. Spirit Level Windowsill 
  9. Nipple 
  10. Yellow And Blue 
  11. Gasworks Park 
  12. Picture Disc From The Benelux 
  13. The Obvious Boy 
  14. Rain Hail Shine 
  15. Broken UFO 
  16. Beautiful Fields 
  17. Head Down 
  18. Why'd You Have To Leave Me This Way? 
  19. When The Show Is Over 
  20. Music By The Metre


  1. Sanity Can 
  2. Riverside 
  3. Sobersides 
  4. Struggle Town 
  5. Bend 
  6. Early Morning Frost 
  7. Miller 
  8. Visiting Girl 
  9. Ed's General Store 
  10. It's Always Going To Get You 
  11. You Should Know By Now 
  12. I Bet It's Warm Up There 
  13. Three Minute Song 
  14. Letterbox 
  15. The Ballad Of Human Nature 
  16. Can You Slide 
  17. Forest Hill 
  18. When The Bullshit Comes 
  19. Look At You Now 
  20. Sometimes 
  21. My Lights Are Green

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