Icecream Hands - Travelling Made Easy

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For a debut album, Australia's Ice Cream Hands' Travelling... Made Easy is quite an accomplished and ambitious effort. Instead of ever taking the easy road and resorting to guitar-drenched rockers or ballad schlock, Travelling... Made Easy immediately set up the blueprint of Ice Cream Hands' sound.

Released: 1993

  1. Let's Take a Look Inside
  2. The Way She Drives
  3. The Ocean Floor
  4. Luana
  5. Gentle Annie
  6. Poor and Unknown
  7. The Study of Her
  8. Appalling Creatures
  9. You Can Smile Now
  10. Home
  11. Welcome Home Mr. Khan
  12. Clancy Of The Overdrive
  13. The Singing Detective
  14. Evermore

Type: CD

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