Liquor Giants - Back In A Flash

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Back in A Flash' is the definitive collection of The Liquor Giants, compiled by Ward Dodson. The Liquor Giants is the musical moniker for the song writing genius Ward Dodson – former Gun Club and Pontiac Brother main man. It finds Dodson indulging in hooky & enjoyably unpolished pop / rock tunes that made no secret of their roots in the sounds of '60s AM radio – something that has attracted many Australian fans.

Released: 2005

  1. Mrs Griffith
  2. Just Might Cry
  3. I Wanna Get Drunk With You
  4. My Teeth And Tongue
  5. 67 East 2nd Street
  6. Now That
  7. Somethings Always On Fire
  8. Here's To You
  9. Bastanchury Park
  10. Hideous Pleasure
  11. Copycat
  12. Chocolate Clown
  13. Fake Love
  14. Cranium
  15. It's Raining Butterflies
  16. Beautiful Flo
  17. Dearest Darling
  18. Kentucky Lounge
  19. Riverdale High
  20. I Know I'm Wrong
  21. Summer School
  22. Way Underground
  23. Someday Thoughts
  24. All Of The Assholes



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