DJ Peril

King of the Beats

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Released: 2006

1. Intoducing DJ Peril 
2. Rock Ya Baby (ft. Rahsaan Paterson & MC Surreal)
3. Give You What You Want 
4. It's About To Blow (ft. Motly)
5. Pretty Lady (ft. Suburban Intellect)
6. Who Is She? (ft. Daniel Merriweather & Phrase)
7. I Know (ft.Candice)
8. 1st Time (ft. Nfamas & Camille)
9. Dusty
10. What You Gonna Do? (ft. Suburban Intellect)
11. This Is Who We Are (Who Are You) (ft. Suburban Intellect)
12. Sunday (ft Daz (Downsyde))
13. Brother's Gonna Work It Out '74 (ft. Kenstar)
14. Changes (ft. Knowledge Bones, Nate B)
15. It's About To Blow (Peril's Crunk in the Club Remix) (ft. Suburban Intellect)
16. Rock Ya Baby (ft. Rahsaan Paterson)
17. Hidden Track