Icecream Hands - Broken UFO

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The Follow Up to their Highly Praised "Sweeter Than the Radio" Album, "Broken Ufo" Includes the First Two Singles "Rain, Hail, Shine" and "Why'd You have to Leave Me this Way?". Broken UFO's stylistic diversity alone makes it a close contender for the band's best album. There are few better places to go than Broken UFO for smartly written, well-produced pop.

Released: August 2002

  1. Broken UFO
  2. Coming After You Again
  3. Beautiful Fields
  4. Head Down
  5. Stay In the Same Room
  6. The Diplomat's Daughter
  7. Why'd You Have to Leave Me This Way?
  8. When the Show Is Over
  9. Because You're Young
  10. Come Down Come Down
  11. Rain Hail Shine
  12. Waterproof
  13. Leaving All the Best
  14. Happy In the Sky



Type: CD

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