Icecream Hands - Sweeter Than The Radio

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It's rare that a band's music can make you do more than dance, and it's even rarer that their name alone gives you a food craving; amazingly, Ice Cream Hands is one of these bands. Their 1997 release Memory Lane Traffic Jam was one of the best power-pop releases of 1997, and on their third album, the group turns out another series of catchy power-pop gems. The set seems more "adult" this time - the songs are generally more acoustic-based than those on the last release - but that doesn't hurt the album at all.

Released: 1999

  1. Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?
  2. Spiritlevel Windowsill
  3. Dodgy
  4. Rise, Fall & Roll
  5. Nipple
  6. Yellow & Blue
  7. Gasworks Park
  8. Picture Disc From The Benelux
  9. Bad Hip
  10. You Could Be Reported
  11. Giving It All Away 
  12. Stupid Boy
  13. Magic Pudding Blues
  14. The Obvious Boy
  15. Seawall








Type: CD

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