Liquor Giants

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Ward Dotson's first album under the name the Liquor Giants bears the closest resemblance to the goofy swagger of his work with the late, lamented Pontiac Brothers, but while the tone is a bit more organic and rootsy than some of the Giants' later music, it doesn't take long to figure out Dotson is up to something different this time out. While the songs have a endearing sloppiness around the edges, they're also hooky and tuneful in a cleaner and more straightforward manner than one might have expected from Dotson.

Released: 1992

  1. Over The Hill
  2. Mrs. Griffith
  3. Greatest Hits
  4. Paint the Whole Town Blue
  5. Middle of Nowhere
  6. Just Might Cry
  7. I Wanna Get Drunk With You
  8. The Little Song
  9. Lost On Mars
  10. My Teeth and Tongue
  11. Jokes On You
  12. Fine Line