T-Rek - Freakshow Disco, Vols. 2 & 3

The follow up to 'Freakshow Disco Volume 1' & 'Into The Desert Blue', this is a mix of T-Rek productions & remixes over 2 discs, featuring Melbourne's finest producers boogs and ransom. T-Rek has remixed artists such as: Aphletik, So Phatt!, Shiela E, Chris Lum, Snoop Dogg, Coolio, Tv Rock and Something for Kate. A notable drummer, T-Rek's drum work has featured on recordings by Something for Kate, Ollie Olsen, and Kim Salmon.

Released: 2007

  1. Freakshow Intro No. 2
  2. Bernie's Lament
  3. Munter of Puppets (T-Rek Desert Disco Dub Mix)
  4. Do Ya Wanna Datgo?
  5. Harmon - Tight (T-Rek Tightest Remix)
  6. Freakshow Disco No.1
  7. Coolio (T-Rek's Freakshow Tokyo Remix)
  8. Digital Primate - My Bush Would Make a Better President (T-Rek & Spacey Spacey Remix)
  9. Acid Jacks - Mookie (T-Rek Remix)
  10. Something For Kate - Oh Kamakazi (T-Rex Remix)
  11. Nick Coleman & T-Rek - When It Was Sunday
  12. Moonraker
  13. What It Is 
  14. A Sunday Afternoon In Barcelona 
  15. Freakshow Intro No. 3
  16. What It Is (Ransom Remix)
  17. Debbie Does Disco (Paz Remix)
  18. Dubbounce
  19. Fuck House / FSD No. 2 (Chardy Remix)
  20. Fuck House / FSD No. 2 (Nick Coleman's Remix)
  21. Nick Coleman & T-Rek - When It Was Sunday (Smash Bang Mix)
  22. Bionikworld - Paintstripper (T-Rek re-kick)
  23. Munter of Puppets (Acid Jacks Swamp Rock Mix)
  24. TV Rock - Bimbo Nation (T-Rek Remix)
  25. Drug Punk lady (Stick Figures Remix)
  26. Freakshow Disco No. 3 (Jimi Polar Remix)
  27. Munter of Puppets (Harmon Remix)





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