The Bo-Weevils - Burn (remastered with bonus tracks)

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Recorded all the way back in 1994, the band’s fourth studio album was a cracking amalgam of their garage influences with a muscular rock veneer. Originally released together with our German licensee, the guys felt the mastering was never as it should have been (and in those post vinyl days you had one choice – the CD). So as part of the catalogue remastering process, we elected to re-release that album and give it the treatment it deserves, remastered to sound as the band intended. This 21st Anniversary version comes in gatefold card sleeve, and includes an additional 7 bonus tracks from the long out of print (and exceptional) debut studio album “Where Particular People Congregate”. Strictly limited edition.

Released: 2016

  1. Stormy World
  2. Long Way
  3. If You Want To 
  4. Dog
  5. Into Sunshine
  6. Wake In Hell
  7. Miss Lane
  8. Friend
  9. Weary Smile
  10. Closer Still

Bonus tracks:

  1. Past Lives
  2. Ain't Comin' Back
  3. Illusions
  4. Where Particular People Congregate
  5. Indian Bride
  6. She's Far Out
  7. Working Man

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Type: CD

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