The Grapes - The Grapes (original CD)

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Psych folk pop duo 'The Grapes' released their debut album in 1999. The respective spectrum of influences which inform the material of (Oz rockers) EVEN and Rich's GRIEVOUS ANGELS is merged beautifully into a brightly hued rainbow of psychedelic-country-folk-pop where Sherry's sly and scarily mature alt-country and Ash's Byrds/Buffalo Springfield rootsy side made a delicious pairing.

Released 1999

  1. I Won't Cry 
  2. Head Of Blue 
  3. So You Say You Lost Your Baby 
  4. Marmalade 
  5. Radio Grape 
  6. Keith Richards Sneer 
  7. Lovely To Meet You 
  8. Kitty Can 
  9. Ocean Meets The Sun 
  10. Je M'appelle

Type: CD

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