Everything Was Singing… Everything (CD)

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Everything Was SingingEverything is the debut solo album from undergroundLOVERS founder and front man Vincent Giarrusso. Working under the moniker of Vincey the album is a collection of bittersweet pop tunes made in collaboration with Kyneton sound designer and musician Jed Palmer. Building from a considerable back catalogue with undergroundLOVERS, gbvg and mist+sea, Everything Was Singing… Everything is a collection of elegant pop song structures and intricate musical arrangements with lyrical content that is both beguiling and intriguing.

Track List:

  1. Where was the Sun?
  2. Baseless Needs
  3. Spaced
  4. Baby Morphine
  5. Gone
  6. Wandering (After Mockingbirds)
  7. Anonymous
  8. Run and Hide
  9. Stay and Wait
  10. Where was the Gold?