The Genes



 Across more than ten releases and countless shows, The Genes have become one of those outfits that manage to spark serious devotion from their admirers and critical respect for their releases and shows.

 They may have hailed from Brisbane – where the mid-1990s saw them become nothing less than a local institution –but their relentless commitment to touring, playing and writing simply wonderful songs has seen them work their way into the hearts of music fans across the country and the globe.

 While the band itself has taken on many forms over the years, The Genes are today firmly focussed on the pairing of brothers Nolan and Morgan Angell. Together they form a close-knit creative unit – Nolan is the singer and songwriter while Morgan the multi-instrumentalist that brings the threads together. Maybe it is their Welsh heritage, but making music together is something they were clearly born to do.

 Having their own home studio has also given them the chance to take their time, work on the tunes and build a collection of songs that they are proud of, songs that reflect where they are today – artists that are fiercely independent and eager to follow their own path.  

 Performing as either a duo or trio – with the inclusion of long-time drummer Dominic Cutcliff – The Genes thrive on the spontaneous back and forth live shows bring. It’s where those songs that Nolan and Morgan meticulously craft really come to life, and it’ s something not to be missed.