Record Producer

A long gestation: pregnant with possibility, creating an alluring sense of creeping anticipation. Record Producer epitomise that process.

Tinkering endlessly like little beavers in an out-suburban Melbourne humpy, Record Producer has been an enigmatic project from the get-go - emerging only sporadically from November 2007 when they unleashed their first single, ‘ The Way’ , they came out rocking a Fender Rhodes keyboard groove hooked to a swinging backbeat - a children’ s choir-chanting, handclap-laced, vinyl-scratchin’ , go-go dancing, sampledelic rave up. A little bit hip-hop, a little bit vintage 60s lounge pop, ‘The Way’ gave a hat tip to the likes of Lemon Jelly, The Go! Team, Royksopp and Air.

The combined, secretive efforts of master pop craftsman and a razor sharp beatsmith, and their shadowy associates, the project was undertaken with the uncompromising aim of making heavenly pop hits. Which they did: with panache, debonair élan, and a hint of madness.

To commemorate their debut album release, Record Producer declined to either perform live or communicate with the public. Their sole live performance appearance remains Homebake 2009. They otherwise elect to let their body of work speak for their genius. 

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