Everything Was Singing...  Everything is the debut solo album from under-groundLOVERS founder and front man Vincent Giarrusso.

 The deeply personal songs are inspired and dedicated to a brave young soul who succumbed to the ravages of leukaemia at a young age. Recorded over a long period of time in Jed Palmers’ Zalumma Agra studios the collection of songs chart emotions of disbelief, denial, anger and release in the wake of a tragic incident.

A snowdome of images filmed throughout  Berlin,  Prague,  Conegliano,  Dolomites, Thailand and  Melbourne are available from  April  4th  through new delivery platform BitTorrent offering a version of the album in visual format. Unique one take videos for each track are available and offer an evocative and hypnotic backdrop for the songs on Everything Was Singing... Everything.

 The visual aspect of Vincey’s debut offering is also complemented with a trilogy of video clips titled The Hungover Guy Trilogy. Featuring three key songs from Everything Was Singing...  Everything, the trilogy was filmed by Sean  T  Barnes(undergroundLOVERS visual collaborator)  and follows a  hungover guy at different stages of his day, in different parts of the city and country, trying to make sense of a world that makes no sense.