1200 Techniques

Time Has Come (EP)

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This EP has been a journey for us… We started, stopped, and started again… At times we thought we wouldn’t actually get it done, but the magnetism of the music drew us all together to make it so. We all felt a kind of greater purpose to making music together again…
We weren’t sure what the outcome would be, but decided to let go of expectations, and to not do what everyone else is doing right now… Fact is, 1200’s have never done what everyone else is doing, and that’s what makes us who we are.
For us, the music, the message and the feel we are now making is beyond our earlier work. We feel like time stood still and our vibe is as alive as ever.
We find it odd talking about our music as a thing, when for us it’s an extension of self, but let’s try…

Time Has Come : covers our story and view of the industry during the building years of Hip Hop in Australia… An emotive reflection piece if you like.