34 Satellite


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Songwriter Marc Benning says 34 Satellite’s second album of guitar pop was born of heartbreak. But if Stop chronicles a domestic dissolution, perhaps it was Benning's automotive obsession that brought it on. “Charleston” is a perfect driving rocker. It has a town's name for a title and mentions the blue sky overhead, while a rhythm section comprised of a former Screaming Trees drummer and Whiskeytown bassist create a solid rhythmic chassis. 

Released: 2002

  1. Elijah St. Marie 
  2. Get Out Alive 
  3. You're Coming in Clearer 
  4. Longest Day 
  5. Stop 
  6. Charleston 
  7. There Is Gonna Be a Problem 
  8. Caroline 
  9. Smoke from a Funeral 
  10. Rock Stars Plastic Cars 
  11. Getting High with a Stranger 
  12. Nineteen 
  13. Spaceman