Chris Whitley

Dirt Floor

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Aussie edition of the bluesy-rootsy American singer/ songwriter's 1998 & fourth album with three live unmarked bonus tracks added, 'The Model', 'Alien' and 'Living With The Law'. 12 tracks total. The record has been lauded by Rolling Stone magazine as the 'Best Album of the Year', 'a beautiful album' said the New York Times and Acoustic Guitar Mag hailed it as 'an acoustic masterpiece'.

Released: 1998

  1. Scrapyard Lullaby
  2. Indian Summer
  3. Accordingly
  4. Wild Country
  5. Ball Peen Hammer
  6. From One Island To Another
  7. Altitude
  8. Dirt Floor
  9. Loco Girl
  10. The Model
  11. Alien
  12. Living With The Law