Icecream Hands


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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 1999 album 'Sweeter Than The Radio', Icecream Hands released the critically acclaimed album for the first time on vinyl. The double gatefold LP includes some of the band's most iconic tracks including 'Nipple', 'Dodgy' and 'Yellow & Blue' completely remastered.  This is a limited edition release with the addition of 4 bonus tracks not included on the original album.

All VINYL orders come with a digital download Sweeter Than The Radio (Remastered).

Released: March 1 2019

  1. Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?
  2. Spiritlevel Windowsill
  3. Dodgy
  4. Rise, Fall & Roll
  5. Nipple
  6. Yellow & Blue
  7. Gasworks Park
  8. Picture Disc From The Benelux
  9. Bad Hip
  10. You Could Be Reported
  11. Giving It All Away 
  12. Stupid Boy
  13. Magic Pudding Blues
  14. The Obvious Boy
  15. Seawall
  16. Forset Hill (Bonus Track)
  17. Ed's General Store (Bonus Track)
  18. It's Always Gonna Get You (Bonus Track)
  19. The Ballad Of Human Nature (Bonus Track)