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20th Anniversary Vinyl (Remastered) + Limited edition set of 4 art prints (1 of only 25) - 

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 1999 self-titled album, The Grapes are releasing the album for the first time on limited edition vinyl. The LP includes iconic tracks such as 'Head Of Blue' and 'Ocean Meets The Sun' all completely remastered.

Ashley and Sherry have also collaborated with Melbourne artists and original Grapes designer Geoffrey Ricardo to produce a limited edition series of art prints to accompany the album. There are only 25 sets of 4 prints available so get in quick before they disappear. 

The Grapes are thrilled to be collaborating with renowned Melbourne artist Geoffrey Ricardo on a limited edition series of signed and numbered art prints (linocut and etchings). 20 years ago Geoffrey created the luscious ‘grape’ paintings featured on the cover art of The Grape’s self titled album. Ashley and Sherry are excited to work with him more personally on unique artworks that will celebrate the songs on that album, now regarded a classic gem of Australian indie garage pop rock. Geoffrey’s career has flourished and his works are highly valued and collectable. This set of prints is a rare offering for fans of art and music at a fraction of the price you would pay for Geoffrey’s work at a gallery. 

PLEASE NOTE: The images shown here are just an example and may not be the ones you receive. Sets include 4 ‘one off ’ prints curated by the artists. To order re-prints of a particular image go to where all of the prints can be viewed.

Art print details:

  • Limited edition series of signed and numbered art prints - lino-cut and etchings
  • Only 25 sets of 4 30cm x 30cm prints available
  • Hand printed on high quality paper in Geoffrey's Brooklyn studio 

All VINYL orders come with a digital download of the album, including 2 bonus tracks not included on the original album.