Kings of Cough Syrup (EP)

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Having both honed their talents over the years in other bands, Kings of Cough
Syrup is Hamish and Nick, two friends from the suburbs of Melbourne.

Kings of Cough Syrup has no beginning; it has probably always been there. It has
very little to do with music, whilst being all about music. Kings of Cough Syrup is
really just about Nick and Hamish; a snap shot, capturing a brief moment, of a life
long journey, which continues.

The songs as they now exist, are the point that best captures whatever it is Kings of
Cough Syrup is about. They are the sound of their lives; the absence of a starting
point, a considered concept or purpose, they have revealed and delivered an honest,
undistorted expression of the pair.

Kings of Cough Syrup is the band's debut five track Ep. It is available in digital format only at present either from our store as a download (all five tracks as WAV file plus cover art) or via the usual digital services here: