Low Fly Incline

Other Desert City

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Low Fly Incline are a band from Melbourne, Australia.
 Low Fly Incline formed in

2012 and travelled to the desert in California USA to record an album’s worth of material engineered by Scott Reeder (former bass player for Kyuss) at his home studio. Reeder also contributed bass guitar and talk-box to several songs.
 Low Fly Incline consist of Tarek Smallman (T-Rek) on vocals/guitar/bass, and Mitch McGregor (Children Collide/No Zu) on drums. 
Low Fly Incline are a two piece band purely out of convenience, and not for the purpose of following any kind of current musical trend.
 Low Fly Incline would not be offended if you described their music as any one or combination of the following styles: Garage Rock, Desert Rock, Kraut Rock, Psych Rock, Punk Rock or Blues.
 Low Fly Incline made their live performance debut in September 2012 in AC/DC Lane at Melbourne’s self proclaimed home of rock n’ roll, ‘Cherry Bar’.
 Low Fly Incline’s first single ‘Vinnie The Rune’ taken from their forthcoming debut album will be released August 2014.
 Low Fly Incline would like you to ‘like’ them. Low Fly Incline do not care if you do not like them.

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  1. Vinnie The Rune
  2. Strung Flowers
  3. Fake Disguise
  4. Slight Bend
  5. Burn The Timber
  6. Sire Desire
  7. Other Desert City
  8. Silver Cadillac
  9. Baby Back
  10. Four Moons
  11. Three Cheers
  12. Ode To Former Members...