Dirty Moons

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Formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1987, Prisonshake has delivered gritty, bluesy, and ballsy rock for 20 years. Lead by Robert Griffin (also head of Scat Records and previously of The Dark and Spike In Vain) and Doug Enkler (formerly of the Offbeats), the band has released two albums (plus one full-length collection of demos) and numerous EP’s and singles for labels such as Scat, Sympathy for the Record Industry, and Matador.

Released: 2008

  1. Fake Your Own Death
  2. I Will Comment
  3. The Cut-Out Bin
  4. Dream Along
  5. “You’re Obviously The One”
  6. Your Sad Friend
  7. Favorite Hospital
  8. Scissors Suite: The Wonder Of Me; Rebecca, You’re The Rain; Visiting Hours; Turn Blue; Memo From Chambers
  9. The Understudy
  10. Nowhere Near (Slight Return)
  11. Janus
  12. Year Of The Donk including The Leftover Monkey
  13. We’ve Only Tasted The Wine
  14. In Disguise
  15. Crush Me
  16. Fuck Your Self-Esteem
  17. Go Blind
  18. It Was A Very Good Year