Freakshow Disco Vol 1

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T-Rek is Tarek Smallman, musician, producer and DJ from Melbourne, and founder of Freakshow Disco Productions. 'Freakshow Disco Volume 1 (The Round-Up)' is T-Rek's second full length album. This release is aimed squarely at the dancefloor, and is a collection of T-Rek tracks, remixes, and collaborations produced in various locations over the past two years. Seamlessly mixed together in DJ fashion, the album is a leftfield jaunt through many styles of electronic disco with splashes of rock and hip-hop.

Released: 2006

  1. Freakshow Intro
  2. This Hammered (featuring Don Dosco)
  3. The Bump (FSD Remix)
  4. Debbie Does Disco
  5. A Love Bizarre (FSD Remix)
  6. Beefshow Disco
  7. Schtick
  8. Freakshow Disco No. 3
  9. What It Is
  10. Drug Punk Lady
  11. Waiting
  12. Munter of Puppets (FSD No. 4)
  13. You're Mine (FSD Remix)
  14. F**K House (FSD No. 2)
  15. Favourite People (Featuring Audio Fabio)
  16. The Killing Moon