Into The Desert Blue

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T-Rek is Tarek Smallman, Melbourne based DJ/Producer who was until early 2005 one half of live performance/production duo Bionikworld. After a stint living and working in Barcelona in 2004, T-Rek decided to go it alone focusing on his own material, the result being this album 'Into the Desert Blue' a remarkable melding of all his disparate influences of rock, dance, breaks. An incredible album, and one of our best.

Released: 2006

  1. Into The Desert Blue
  2. Shift
  3. Hey Now
  4. State
  5. I Get High
  6. Make U Wanna
  7. Freakshow Disco No. 2
  8. The Segg
  9. The End Of Formalities
  10. The Frame Up
  11. The Frame Up
  12. That Guy
  13. Sun Storm
  14. Drown 
  15. Little Miss Probably Should
  16. The End Of Confusion
  17. An Unexpected Moment Of Calm
  18. Ticket Man 
  19. Terminal Sun
  20. Walk Away