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Excursions In Nugaze

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It’s been almost two decades since NME coined the ‘Shoegazing’ term somewhat mockingly. It was the original shoegazing bands like Ride, Moose, My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Chapterhouse, Slowdive, etc. that turned the indie music movement of the early ‘90s on its head. While most people may not have been fortunate enough to experience shoegazing reach its original zenith in 1992, the Nugazers represented on this compilation prove the movement is as alive now as it’s ever been.

Released: 2008

  1. Air Formation - I Can't Remember Waking Up
  2. Invisible Kid - The Test-Pattern Dream
  3. Soundpool - Divides Of March
  4. Mist & Sea - Like A Vampire
  5. The Offering - Return Uncertain
  6. Fluorescent - Sleeping
  7. Ceremony (2) - Too Many Times
  8. Rumskib - Springtime
  9. Elika - You're Not Safe At All
  10. Shade (23) - Wide Eyed
  11. Airiel - Airtight Angels 
  12. Malory - Just Be
  13. Highspire - Until The Lights Go Down
  14. Heavïness - Touchlast
  15. LSD And The Search For God - Backwards
  16. Echodrone - Here We Go