The Crash

Pony Ride

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Pony Ride is bright, happy, cheeky and jumps out of the speakers so delightfully. The Crash’s influences are speckled carefully on several songs – they are definitely not hidden – but as a complete body of work, it’s a fresh sounding album. In fact, if Euro-disco makes a comeback, this album can take part of the credit for spearheading it.

Released: 2007

  1. Pony Ride 
  2. Big Ass Love 
  3. Pony Ride 
  4. Big Ass Love 
  5. Grace 
  6. Stay 
  7. Lauren 
  8. Solitudinarian 
  9. Thorn In My Side 
  10. Stalker 
  11. Backstage 
  12. Still Alive (Australian Bonus)