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The Genes

'Deep In The Heart Of The Rat Race'

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“The Genes blend together seamlessly to create a distinctive and organic sound. All of a sudden The Genes’ effortless sound makes perfect sense.” The Courier-Mail

Now after a period of relative quiet (well, for them anyway) The Genes are back. Armed with a striking collection of new songs and a fresh outlook on making music. 

**UPDATE** We are releasing a special digital only edition of their new album deep in the heart of the rat race on 5 September 2014 which features new artwork and two previously unreleased tracks - buy it here.


Track Listing - Special (Digital Only) Edition

  1. Just Let Go
  2. Another One Radio
  3. The Valleys
  4. Drive On
  5. Just Like Everyone Else 
  6. Love Lies Last
  7. I've Got Time
  8. The Morning Sun
  9. The Ticket
  10. Too Close To The Sun
  11. Louise
  12. Deep In The Heart Of Another Rat Race
  13. I Know You're Hot (bonus)
  14. 2001 (bonus)