A set of 4 art prints (size 30cm x 30cm) - Only 25 available!

The Grapes are thrilled to be collaborating with renowned Melbourne artist Geoffrey Ricardo on a limited edition series of signed and numbered art prints (linocut and etchings). Printed by hand on highest quality paper in Geoffrey’s Brooklyn studio, only 25 sets of 4 will be available.

20 years ago Geoffrey created the luscious ‘grape’ paintings featured on the cover art of The Grape’s self titled album.

Ashley and Sherry are excited to work with him more personally on unique artworks that will celebrate the songs on that album, now regarded a classic gem of Australian indie garage pop rock.

Geoffrey’s career has flourished and his works are highly valued and collectable. This set of prints is a rare offering for fans of art and music at a fraction of the price you would pay for Geoffrey’s work at a gallery.

Pre order yours today!

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