The Grapes


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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 1999 self-titled album, The Grapes are releasing the album for the first time on limited edition GRAPE COLOURED vinyl. The LP includes iconic tracks such as 'Head Of Blue' and 'Ocean Meets The Sun' all completely remastered. 

All VINYL orders come with a digital download of the album, including 2 bonus tracks not included on the original album.


  1. I Won't Cry
  2. Head Of Blue
  3. So You Say You Lost Your Baby
  4. Marmalade
  5. Radio Grape
  6. Keith Richards Sneer
  7. Lovely To Meet You
  8. Kitty Can
  9. Ocean Meets The Sun
  10. Je M'appelle


  1. If I Needed Someone (The Beatles Cover)
  2. Shady Lane