The Offcutts

Thrift Shop Boutique

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Melbourne outfit The Offcutts have had some incredible musical moments to date. From the laid back sexy grooves of Hips to the pop smash Break It (Down James Brown), Genre-hopping, dance floor rocking Offcutts are excited to bring you Thrift Shop Boutique. A compilation of their greatest moments so far!

Released: 2006

  1. Papillion d'amour
  2. Frigid
  3. Gravel Rash
  4. Kitchen Bay
  5. Back to the Music
  6. Break It Down James Brown
  7. Hips
  8. Mushroom Cloud (Mouth Box Mix)
  9. She Said We Could Make It?
  10. Ode (N.W.S.)
  11. Round the Bend
  12. We Get