The Offcutts

What Happened Don't Lie

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The Offcutts have been on top of it for years, from multiple residencies on the AIR charts and headlining sold out Falls Festivals to their radio saturating singles like ‘Break It Down (James Brown)’, but this album is a first in more ways than one. This is the sound of the new Offcutts: the band who've crossed genres and shrunk and swelled with members, to become the three-piece who've pulled it all back together into a filler-free pop record. This is the sound of a well learned band who've distilled everything they know into the album they always wanted to write.

Released: 2007

  1. Diamond Bike
  2. Fearless Fighters
  3. By the Way
  4. Shirt & Tie
  5. Cold Morning Happiness
  6. Valium Girl
  7. Hub Cap
  8. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  9. Stand Back
  10. Youth Song